Albania's Religion Heads Reportedly Recovering from C19 Infection Abroad

There is good news about the health of the Archbishop of Tirana and Durrës, George Frendo whose condition is stable, said an announcement released by the Archdiocese in Tirana on Saturday. It is learned that he has been transferred to a normal ward in a hospital located in Italy after being infected with coronavirus.
Monsignor Frendo held a video call with Bishop Arjan Dodaj telling him about his state of health, while he said that he could not wait to return to the Archdiocese.
"Monsignor Frendo's health condition is very stable and is being monitored for the lungs. It is necessary for this therapy to be stabilized to return in a healthy way from the presence of the virus. The situation is very calm. Monsignor Frendo said that he can not wait to return to the Archdiocese (Tirana) and pastoral activities and life," said the announcement.
In the meantime in another development it is reported that the health condition of Archbishop Anastasios continues to be with mild symptoms, stable and under the constant and dedicated control of doctors.
The Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania informed on Saturday through a Facebook post about the condition of Archbishop Anastasios, who has been hospitalized for several days in the "Evangelismos" hospital in Greece affected by Covid 19.
Given the progress of the above events former Democratic Party MP Ervin Salianji wished a speedy recovery to Archbishop Anastasios Janullatos, Monsignor George Frendo and Mufti of Shkodra Muhamed Sytari, who was taken to Turkey for treatment due to infection from the COVID virus.
Through a Facebook message, Salianji wrote on Saturday that he felt sad that the government has degraded the authority, credibility and capacity to such an extent that it is unable to cure even the most important personalities of the nation, referring to the fact that the three of them have been sent abroad for treatment, respectively Greece, Italy and Turkey.