Ambulances, Homes, Hotels and Stadiums Part of Albania's System to Face Worsening COVID Epidemic

Prime Minister Edi Rama has posted on his Facebook profile a video showing the daily work of the national emergency healthcare system from receiving a phone call to the moment when doctors go to apartments and assist patients with Covid 19 which includes a scenario of stadiums turning into last resort to cope with the 'flood' of infected people with the deadly virus.
Rama says that this service is an example of partner countries in Europe and finds the opportunity to thank its staff for their work.
After comparing the past governance of Democratic Party (DP) in its performance in this aspect at old times of fixed telephone lines and debilitated ambulances at 'times of emergencies', he lauds the fantastic team of the National Emergency with its head Skënder Brataj as main protagonist that in this cursed time is non- stop near the people having saved thousands of lives.
Rama took the opportunity to recall that the National Emergency is under the double pressure of the murderous virus offensive and the 'dirty mud' thrown by those who combat against the current government while it is fighting with the Invisible Enemy.
In the video shown by the PM, Rama the Head of the National Emergency, Skënder Brataj enters into details how the coordination unit works, adding that they have the capacity to respond to citizens in every corner of Albania.
Dr. Brataj made it clear that in case of deterioration of the situation, which means an overcrowding of 4 Covid hospitals, citizens will be assisted in any way and at any place as the whole world does.
"So far some of the scenarios have been exhausted, and now we move on to Covid 3 which is scenario 3," Brataj said admitting that lines of sick persons are created.
A flash back…
As a matter of fact such an awkward situation of lines of patients waiting to be hospitalized has been announced since some days ago, but Brataj and his aides denied it at that time.
A witness told that a long line was at "Shefqet Ndroqi" hospital where ambulances waited in the yard for many hours on Sunday morning.
"I was lucky to find a way to hospitalize my mother who was in critical condition after  ten-day treatment without results," he said on condition of anonymity.
On November 22 published an appeal under the headline 'Wake up PM, Health Minister, Experts!' through which doctor Dritan Kociaj unveiled what was happening at 03 o'clock in the morning of that day in an ambulance where he was with a patient at the gate of "Shefqet Ndroqi" hospital in Tirana.
"It is 03 o'clock in the morning today, November 22, it is cold and I have 3 and a half hours with a patient in the ambulance at the gate of "Shefqet Ndroqi" hospital," Dr. Kociaj wrote in a post on Facebook on early morning of that day.
"There are also 6 other ambulances with patients with us," he revealed in the public appeal addressed to PM, Health Ministry and Experts Committee. "There are also no places in the reception emergency and in the pavilions.We continue to change the O2 cylinders in ambulances but this is not a solution," revealed the Doctor whose appeal was ignored by the Committee of Experts, the Minister of Health, and the Prime Minister of the country at that time although many other media outlets published it besides
Incidentally the medical bulletin released by Health Ministry that day said the situation was under control without mentioning the alarming case.
'Wakened up' by Covid's merciless?
"There is no exhaustion yet, we are not at that point. Covid 4 hospital and regional ones will be opened, and then we will treat patients in ambulances, at home, in hotels, in corridors, but also in stadiums as the whole world does," the Head of the National Emergency, Skënder Brataj was quoted as saying in the 'optimistic' footage released by PM Rama on Sunday.
"Citizens will be assisted in any way; other goals outside the health aspect should just keep silent," said Brataj in the video made available to Albanians by their Prime Minister.

Given what the government chief said through his top expert on Sunday seems to be a stark reminder of what a lot of whistleblowers have warned long time ago that Albania is in front of harder times… Here it is: stadiums as last resort to survive!