Anniversary of Tirana's Liberation Marked as Mayor Says Threat against Albania of Being Occupied 'Too Small'

“The liberation of Tirana was an important contribution to strengthen the legitimacy and credibility of Albania, as a country dedicated to the Antifascist Alliance,” has said President Ilir Meta.
Meta made that comment while commemorating the 76th anniversary of the Liberation of Tirana on November 17.
According to him, the war for the capital paved the way for the liberation of the country and the preservation of its borders.
Albania was liberated on November 29, 1994 but the exact date is a controversial issue as right- wing forces claim November 28 is the liberation day.
The main ceremony of the event was held at the Monument to the 'Unknown Soldier' in downtown Tirana where homage were paid by the Tirana Mayor, Erio Veliaj, as well.
In his remarks Veliaj drew parallels with the current developments when former fighters of Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) are being tried in The Hague under charges of crimes against humanity.
In this frame he criticized current opposition for having backed the Dick Marty report endorsed by European Parliament which accused KLA fighters of crimes during the genocide of Serbia against Kosovo people in the war of 1990s.
Veliaj said that today the threat against Albania of being occupied by foreigners is too small because the country is part of NATO.
"But no one protects us from the self- destruction," Veliaj said alluding of the ongoing fight between majority and opposition in this Balkan country. /