Another Suicide of Covid Patient in Tirana as Anger Boils in Public Opinion at Govt's Arrogant Irresponsibility

The tragic suicide of a patient infected with Covid at 'Shefqet Ndroqi' hospital in Tirana in early hours of Monday has immediately shocked the public opinion rising waves of anger towards the state health institutions for the growing trend of suicidal events during the last weeks in Albania.
The State Police announced that on Monday, November 30, 2020, "around 00:30, it is suspected that the citizen L.S., 60 years old, who jumped from the height of a hospital, died as a result."
According to the Police, "the investigative group and the Police services are at the scene and continue the work to clarify the circumstances of the event."
Sources confirmed that the deceased was named Leonard Skabona and was from Laç, northern Albania. He was hospitalized in "Shefqet Ndroqi" hospital for ten days and threw himself from the third floor of this Covid hospital.
The total number of sucides climbs to 5 within a few days in Tirana Covid hospitals.  The frightening confirmation of the Chief of National Emergency, Skender Brataj in a footage engineered and released by PM Edi Rama on Sunday that future infected Albanians will be gathered in stadiums is stark evidence that the situation is totally out of control with a government lacking the will and expertise to confront the abyss into which this Balkan country is plunging.
In face of this other tragic event find below the following post in social networks by Dr. Erion Dasho, an outspoken medical specialist, who is in the first line denouncing what is happening at Covid hospitals and the irresponsibility of the government to check the situation which is aggravating rapidly.
Irresponsibility at its peak! A call to ministry and committee: Open regional and local hospitals! Relieve the pressure on COVID hospitals!
By Erion Dasho
Do not tell citizens deceptive "strategies" from which you have not implemented a single line!
Reported deaths are increasing every day! Many more deaths are occurring at homes of patients who are neither diagnosed nor reported of COVID.
More than 20 doctors and nurses alone have died because they were left without masks and protective gear!
We live in Europe, in the 21st century!
People should not kill themselves by jumping out of hospital windows! At least, Albania should not have every month an unfortunate suicide who takes this extreme step ...
Do some worthy work, or go away!
People are tired of watching your pathetic cries and Bollywood style movies!
You are passing every target ...!


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