As Vučić Meets Quint Ambassadors Launches Appeal for Economic, Military Strengthening to Defend from Potential Aggressors

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met with the ambassadors of the Quint countries in Belgrade and head of the Delegation of the European Union Sem Fabrizi in the Presidency on Wednesday, said a press release issued by President's Office as quoted by Tanjug.
Vučić met with the Ambassador of the United States of America, Anthony Godfrey, Great Britain's Shan McLeod, France's Jean-Louis Falconi, Italy's Carlo Lo Caso and Germany's Thomas Schieb, as well as the head of the European Union Delegation to Serbia, Sem Fabrizi.
Vucic told them that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has set an example of what a frozen conflict is like and that when someone melts it down, it could escalate into a real catastrophe.
He stressed that Belgrade must work to reach a solution through compromise with Kosovo. As he has instructed, Serbia must continue to be economically and militarily strengthened in order to be able to defend itself at any moment from potential aggressors.
"But the most important message is the message of peace, dialogue and the desire to continue the talks with Pristina and to understand that the best possible solution is through dialogue. It is better to achieve it sooner than later. Otherwise, a conflict could happen to us," Vucic said.
Serb President said that the US Ambassador to Belgrade, Anthony Godfrey, has stated that the United States remains committed to the implementation of the Washington Agreement.
"Regardless of how this soap opera we are watching will end," Vucic stressed referring to the after presidential poll in US whose results have proclaimed Joe Biden as winner.
President Vuçiç and the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Avdullah Hot signed the Agreement on the normalization of economic relations in the presence of US President Donald Trump in Washington on September 4 this year.
As a result of that agreement, the office of the International Development Finance Corporation was opened in Belgrade. /