Deputy PM Excludes Lockdown Despite Alarming Fatalities and Spread of COVID-19 Pandemic in Albania

As Albania hit the highest ever figures of COVID-19 victims since its outbreak last March on Monday the Deputy Prime Minister of Albania, Erion Brace addressed an appeal to the citizens to be more attentive towards the spread of the virus. "The situation has never been worse and more difficult than it has ever been in 9 months of pandemics," said the number two of the government.
Seventeen people, aged 37 to 86, infected with COVID-19 died in Albania in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of fatalities to 716, said the health authorities in the daily update on Monday.
According to them, 795 new infections have been found, bringing the total number of cases to 33,556 across the country.
There are currently 439 patients hospitalized with the virus, and 16 of them are in intensive care and 5 intubated in aggravated condition.
In face of such a situation Brace urged citizens to definitely limit meetings outside their homes. He added that the country is resisting a new closure now, but it is up to the citizens to limit outings and meetings.
"The most affected age now is 65-74 years old and the get the virus from us who have to take care of them, from us who go out and stay for hours everywhere and transmit the infection at home, to them," Brace said.