Dozens Cases of COVID-19 Affected Journalists in Albania Reported

As many as 38 Albanian journalists have been infected with COVID-19 during the ongoing pandemic, but there have been no casualties, Aleksander Cipa, the Head of the Union of Albanian Journalists unveiled in an OSCE Media Development Forum held in Tirana on Thursday.
He noted that the real number is likely higher as he was aware of cases where some media and media management were not reporting cases amongst staff.
Cipa added that the Union is trying to support media workers who are infected.
In terms of issues impacting journalists in Albania, the pandemic has increased the problems regarding working conditions. Many are receiving below the living wage, “not enough to meet their daily needs”. He said as quoted by that the issue of wages being withheld, in some cases for as long as four or five months was beginning to increase again. This has had a “huge impact” on reporters and their ability to support their families, according to him.