DP Blames Prosecution, SPAK of Failing to Probe into Hidden C19 Death Toll in Albania

Concealing the death toll and providing false information to the public by state institutions is criminal and should be investigated," the opposition Democratic Party (DP) has said.
Making public that stance the DP official, Bardh Spahia, said on Saturday that since last Thursday, when the chairman of the Democratic Party denounced in a TV talk show the real death figures from COVID, the Prosecution has not announced any action on its part.
"The number of deaths from COVID, according to the documentation made public by Mr. Basha is much higher than that made public by the government in daily informations," said Spahia, a doctor by profession.
According to him, citizens expect the prosecution not to be silent and its 48-hour blackout adds to the suspicions that the government is doing everything to manipulate the truth.
"We call once again on the Prosecution and the SPAK not to stand idly by and allow the disappearance of evidence, but to urgently launch an investigation," he said.
"It is shameful Edi Rama's attempt to avoid responsibility for the catastrophic failure to face the pandemic, as well as to hide behind the heroic work of Albanian doctors and nurses," said Spahia while appreciating the work and sacrifices of doctors and nurses during this terrible pandemic. In conclusion the DP official condemned o Rama’s attempts to politically abuse  extraordinary contribution of the medical staff with the low intention of concealing the truth about his failure.
In the meantime it is reported that the health center in a neighborhood in the city of Elbasan, central Albania, was hit with stones on Saturday.
Health Minister Ogerta Manastirliu denounced what she called a violent act and expressed support for the work of all medical staff.

"Medical staff deserve our gratitude rather than th