DPC's Weber Says Washington Deal between Kosovo and Serbia "Will Go into History"

After Joe Biden won US presidential elections, the Agreement between Kosovo and Serbia reached on 4 September in the White House belongs to history. This is what German expert Bodo Weber told Gazeta Express on Saturday.
"It will go into history. While those parts related to the Kosovo-Serbia issue and the EU’s previous activities will be brought (back) into the EU framework, like the Berlin process," he said.
Weber believes that only establishment of the diplomatic relations between Kosovo and Israel will be implemented from the deal which was observed by the US president Donald Trump in September.
"Of the points not related to the region, and that presented a gross political misuse of Kosovo and Serbia and their dispute, only the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kosovo and Israel will survive, while neither Kosovo nor Serbia will open embassies in Jerusalem," said Weber who is a senior associate at the Democratization Policy Council (DPC) dealing with the Western Balkans.
Asked if there will be a better cooperation between US and EU for the dialogue process Weber said: "We will see cooperation again, close cooperation, with the US recognizing, and happy to leave, the lead role of the EU – unlike the unilateral, usupatory approach and acting we saw over the last year under Grenell."
Regarding what Joe Biden would mean for Serbia Weber predicted that President Vucic will be forced to make another political u-turn on Kosovo, back to where he was when Serbia entered the political dialogue with the April 2013 agreement, when then Prime Minister Dacic publicly told Serbia’s citizens that the country needs to stop lying to itself Kosovo was still, or will ever again be a part of Serbia. /argumentum.al