DP's Basha Asked to Confess on Massacres in Kosovo by Serbs

Prime Minister Edi Rama has again focused on the accusations circulating in the media these days regarding the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha and the issue of investigations into the political leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).
Through a Twitter post on Monday, the head of government stressed that his role is to ask Basha to explain to the public why they are looking for the main opposition leader as a witness.
Among other things, Rama accused Basha saying: "Lulezim you have made that party like a cloth for your shoes!" suggesting him to appear in public and talk about the accusations made by witnesses of the massacres during the Kosovo war.
"Come out and speak of yourself about the accusations that I do not make, but witnesses of massacres and battles for freedom in Kosovo, whom I neither know nor have ever met!" said Rama. /argumentum.al