DP's Head Refutes Accusations of Involvement in Affair of UNMIK Files against KLA 'Commanders'

The chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), the largest opposition political party in Albania, Lulzim Basha denied in the studio of the show "Opinion" on TV Klan on Thursday evening all the accusations against him regarding the role he played in the file compiled against the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) leaders.
The DP leader also denied having had a meeting with the citizen from Krusha, Miliam Bellanica, who claims that he had handed over to Basha the tape with the footage of the Krusha massacre.
"The tape of the Krusha e Madhe massacre, according to his own testimony, was taken by Dashamir Peza, (or BBC), at that time as a BBC translator, a fact that I learned through his statement. I believe that all Albanians got the answer on the tape which was a fabrication," he said adding he feels neither threatened nor hurt in the third time in 15 years that the same accusation is made against him.
Asked if he had met with Bellanica, Basha said: "I have never met Mr. Bellanica and the very fact that the tape was taken from the BBC and then broadcast by 180 world channels… According to the allegations, the tape was taken from the BBC, you said this here that it was said by Dash Peza (a close friend of PM Rama). And he has no interest in coming out and saying something in my favor," said Basha.

PM Rama Hits Back...

Speaking on News24 TV's "Real Story" show about Dick Marty's report on Thursday at the same time when DP's Basha was in interview on another TV, Premier Edi Rama again asked the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, to come out and take a public stand on the rumored issue.
"I just asked the opposition leader to explain. The moment when not me, but every reasonable Albanian, sees on the one hand the witness from Kosovo, known as the person who filmed the massacre, and on the other hand Lulzim Basha, he immediately understands who is telling the truth and who is not. It is very clear," Rama said.
In addition he said that it suffices to put the two adversaries in front of each other to know their stories and understand.
"On the one hand, the person who has no reason to invent pain and on the other hand Lulzim Basha, who does not confront the facts, and is not able to wear the leader's suit. He is a weak leader. Even Berisha, for whom I have no kind of sympathy, but in the end he was a leader who took a stand," said Rama. /argumentum.al