EU Expects Serbia, Kosovo Not to Move Embassies

The EU expects Serbia and Kosovo to act in accordance with their strategic determination about EU membership and not move their embassies in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
“Both Kosovo and Serbia have identified integration into the EU as their strategic priority. The EU expects Serbia and Kosovo to act in keeping with that determination,” said EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell in response to an MEP’s question in the European Parliament on Thursday
Borrell added that “as part of the process of accession negotiations, Serbia is expected to gradually harmonise its legislation and policies towards third countries with the legal heritage and policy of the EU.”
“In that context, any diplomatic step that could bring in question the EU’s joint stance on Jerusalem is a reason for serious concern and regret,” he added.
The moving of embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, i.e. the mutual recognition of Kosovo and Israel, is envisaged in the agreements that Serbia and Kosovo signed at the White House on 4 September with US President Donald Trump.