Ex-PM of Albania Warns Serb President on His Threats of 'Frozen Conflict' with Kosovo

Albania's Minister of State for Diaspora Pandeli Majko has described as irresponsible the statement of Serbian President Alexander Vucic on the 'frozen conflict' with Kosovo.
Majko said in a post on FB on Thursday that Vucic has determined through that phrase
that Serbia's conflict with the Albanians is not over yet. For him, this is a departure from the declaration signed in the White House and the European integration process.
As Minister of Diaspora, Majko warned that in case someone pursues the idea of ​​the conflict scenario, even the cold logistic mind in Serbia understands the readiness of Albanians in some countries.
According to Majko, in case of this scenario, the conflict will be known as the beginning but not the end.
Vucic told the Quint Ambassadors in Belgrade on Thursday that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has set an example of what a frozen conflict is like and that when someone melts it down, it could escalate into a real catastrophe.

"Cold logistical minds in Serbia understand the readiness of Albanians in some countries if someone goes after the idea of ​​a conflict scenario. He will know the beginning but not the end!" warned Majko, a former PM during the exodus of Albanians of Kosovo due to the genocide of Serb 'butcher of Balkans', Slobodan Milosevic. /argumentum.al