Expert Warns of Threat for Total Collapse of Health System in Albania

Raising the alarm the health expert, Erion Dasho has warned that the health system will collapse from the coronavirus in Albania in a few days.
"Life in Albania continues as if nothing is happening. Official statements that "everything is under control "create a false certainty which adds fuel to the fire of the epidemic because if everything is under control, why should citizens care??!!" he said in a comment carried by local media on Monday.
The Minister of Health (Ogerta Manastirliu) publishes statuses with grandparents who gain eyesight thanks to lens that are bought for tens of euros and forgets about other grandparents for whom family members are spending thousands of euros on medicine and oxygen, the expert noted.
Meanwhile, according to him, the month of November has entered in scary circumstances with an average number of cases over 400 per day and this has caused the rapid filling of hospital beds.
The daily average of reported deaths has reached 6.3 or 60% more than the October average, doctor Dasho pointed out.
"If the trend continues unhindered, the danger is that there will be a complete collapse of the system in a few days!
Is anyone thinking of acting?! Do we have a state?!" concluded his warning comment the well- known health expert, Erion Dasho. /