Hunger Strike in Ballsh Oil Refinery Suspended as PM Promises to Talk with Women Representatives

The 25- day hunger strike of women oil workers was suspended on Sunday due to their worsening health conditions having a promise to meet with Prime Minister Edi Rama on Monday.
“We are taking a step back to find a solution. We will stop the hunger strike even if it’s for only two hours to have a dialogue with the prime minister, and if we are not given a solution, we will return to the strike,” representatives of the hunger strikers were quoted as saying by local media.
The step made by them was followed by an announcement of Rama who said he is going to meet on Monday their representatives in the town of Ballsh, southern Albania, where the oil refining plant has operated. Even earlier Rama called on them to talk after stopping the strike. They had so far refused, asking for guarantees for concrete solutions.
“The end of the strike in Ballsh is very good news! I am sorry for so many days of unnecessary hardship as we have not only been completely sensitive to your issue, but also ready to discuss it together. Now appoint representatives, and tomorrow I will be there with you,” Rama said in a note on Twitter.
As the women oil workers demand unpaid salaries for the last two years, PM has repeatedly said that was not his  government's responsibility, but between them and the private company owing the oil refinery.

A woman on the hunger strike attempted to committ suicide two days ago/