Lockdown Not Excluded in Albania as C19 Pandemic's Spread Out of Control

A total lockdown of Albania is not excluded, but currently it is not a scenario being implemented, the Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy, Milva Ekonomi has said.
Speaking on the 2021 budget approved in the parliamentary plenary session of last Thursday in an interview on a local TV on Wednesday Ekonomi, a former Minister of Economy, said the 2021 draft budget is oriented towards three major dimensions: health, reconstruction and economic recovery.
Referring to healthcare, the Socialist senior official explained the government's decision to reimburse the medicines of those treated at home for Covid-19, saying that the prescription will be given by the family doctor.
Regarding another total closure of the country, she said that it is not excluded as a scenario, but currently it is not an alternative in alternative.
"The idea of ​​lockdown may be a scenario, but it is not the alternative we have in implementation. So far it is the partial lockdown with schedules and the rules that must be implemented such as hygiene, social distancing, etc. But I believe that the government is ready at any moment to any scenario, although lockdown is not good for the economy," said the Socialist expert of economy.
Asked how much the economic growth is forecast for next year, she said
the whole world has suffered economic decline this year.
"Albania has a decline of about 6-7%, but the economic growth is projected between 5-6% for next year," Ekonomi said. /argumentum.al