Majority’s Changes to President’s Competences Rebuffed by Meta

A draft law framed on the powers of Albania’s President by the majority provides for some changes that leave the rights of the president to the powers he has but limits his action by setting deadlines within which he must react.

This is the gist of the bill which was made public on Friday causing another round of polemics on the political scene of the country.

According to the draft law in case the head of state does not decree the name of the new head of the government after the parliamentary elections it is stipulated his appointment by Parliament. The appointment of new government ministers follows the same line. In the meantime the bill stipulates that if the President of the Republic does not issue a decree on the appointment of the Minister proposed by the Prime Minister within 7 days of receiving the proposal, then the Prime Minister submits the proposal to the Parliament for approval despite the lack of a decree on appointment.

The second precedent relates to the annulment of the election date. Thus, if the President seeks to annul or postpone elections, he must agree with the largest party in the Parliament. If the latter does not reach consensus, the President finds it impossible to decide.

The other important change relates to the swearing in of members of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court. Under the new law, if the President does not summon the judge to swear in within seven days, then they can be sworn in before the HJC.

The majority has also made some changes to the draft law by regulating the process of granting citizenship. The new law recognizes this right to the president, but obliges him to consult closely with the security institutions and the Ministry of Interior in any case.

Meta rebuffs: “I’ve started the march towards April 25 referendum"

"I have zero interest in any draft and coup attempt." This was the comment of President Ilir Meta on the SP draft bill on president’s competences, which he called a coup attempt.

"You know that this is an unconstitutional Parliament, it is a Parliament that wherever I go, the citizens ask me for its immediate dissolution. It is a Parliament of coup plotters and unfortunately a good part of them are traitors and mercenaries. So for me there is only one interest now, it is April 25, it is the people of Albania," President Meta said in a press conference on Friday.

Further on he said that he had launched the march as President of Albania towards the referendum of April 25 and this would be a very clear referendum. "Over 95% of Albanians will vote for Albania in Europe, and you know very well that this is an issue that has already been decided." /