Monsignor George Frendo Recovers from Covid Infection, Says Hardly Waiting to Return to Albania

The Archbishop of Tirana - Durrës, George Frendo, has recovered from the coronavirus.
Frendo, in his message on social networks on Sunday stated that he would soon be in his flock noting that he felt like a man with a head and no body outside the flock.
Below is the full post by Monsignor George Frendo:
I thank God that soon I will be back with my flock. Away from the flock I felt like a head without a body. I rejoice that I can continue to celebrate the time of the Advent in preparation for Christmas with my people.
This period has been a painful experience for me. Yet I felt closer to Jesus, who, out of his love for us, has accepted pain for our redemption. And I felt closer to those who are suffering from the same disease durinhg these days. May God strengthen and heal you!

In the meantime the Ministry of Health reported on Sunday that 11 people have died from coronavirus in Albania in the last 24 hours.
The Ministry stated that a total of 2,253 tests were performed and 835 people were confirmed positive. The highest number of infections was registered in Tirana with 306 new cases.
According to the Ministry of Health, there are 482 individuals hospitalized. while the number of those recovered was 329 in the last 24 hours. /