New French Ambassador Hopes Albania Will Join EU One Day

France has always been for the opening of the EU accession negotiations with Albania, but there are conditions to meet such as the rule of law, the fight against corruption, said the new French Ambassador to Albania, Elisabeth Barthacq.
The Ambassador made her first official visit to the French Alliance in the city of Elbasan
on Tuesday.
Asked about France's position on Albania's integration into the EU, the Ambassador said, "Now we are in another period, another stage. You should all keep in mind that in March of this year the European Council decided that negotiations with Albania would be opened, and what we are doing now is to see how it will be negotiated in the future."
While saying that there are no steps back, Ambassador Barthacq said there are conditions to be met such as the rule of law, the fight against corruption which are conditions that have been set. "And it does not depend on France, Croatia or Poland, but on Albania. This is the situation even in terms of bilateral relations with France and Albania."
She broke out a good news as she called the opening of the office of the French Development Agency, which will come to Albania. "It will fund projects and collaborate with the Albanian government.
We do all this together with other countries of the European Union because you should know that the Union is the number one partner of Albania in terms of public assistance, in terms of modernization projects of public administration. This is quite normal, because Albania is a European country."
The French Ambassador closed by saying she thought that Albania has all the possibilities to be a member of the European Union one day. /