New Scheme of School Attendance in Hectic C19 Situation; Opposition Accuses PM of Losing Control

Starting from December 1 this year primary education classes and middle school graduates in Albania will attend sit in- classes and not online as provided in a new scheme unveiled by Education Minister Evis Kushi on Thursday.
According to the new complicated scheme, for the other classes it is foreseen that in weeks 1 (1-3), the first 2 days are taught at school, and the other three online, and in even weeks (2-4) the first two days online and the other three at school.
The minister also explained that private or rural schools with few students can continue with scenario 1, while other scenarios will be applied in more severe cases.
A decision will also be made on each school based on the relevant reports on every Friday, she said.
"Even in more severe cases of the pandemic only grade 1 and grade 12 will be on the school's physical premises, while all other grades will conduct online learning," Kuci said.

DP's Basha Hits Backā€¦
Democratic Party (DP) Chairman Lulzim Basha through a status on Twitter has reacted regarding the partial closure of schools, saying that PM Edi Rama has no plan regarding the pandemic and that he has lost control over it.
This is because he previously stated that "children do not infect others with coronavirus" and now announces the partial closure of schools.
"Rama has lost control of the pandemic and has no idea what to do. Rama has no plans," Basha said. /