Official Announcement of New Montenegrin Government Put Off to December 2

A new announcement has been made postponing the formation of the new Government of Montenegro to December 2nd, according to Prime Minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapic. The initial date for the proclamation of the new cabinet was November 8.
"The Government will have 12 ministries, and for me that has the symbolism of the 12 apostles that our metropolitan (Amfilohije) constantly taught us about. We want to make a sacrifice so that Montenegro can be different, and be the right place for the life of our descendants, so that they do not leave this area, but build a common future here, in this beautiful environment," Krivokapić said.
The future Government is based on four key areas that are the current priorities for Montenegro. These are the rule of law, finances, education, and health, said Krivokapic when he presented the Government's proposed composition on November 5.
He said that the model drew from the Netherlands and Finland, as examples of good practice, and that in essence, rationalization should offer an answer to the challenges facing Montenegro.
URA leader Dritan Abazović, who is expected to be Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense has announced that the Government's proposed concept is close to the principles that URA stands for, and later the proposal of Zdravko Krivokapić was supported by the party bodies of URA.
"The objection remains that the proposed composition of the Government did not respect Montenegro's diversity of identity, more precisely that there are no members of minority nations and that there is a lamentably low number of women in the composition of the Government. However, we believe that these two principles will be more respected in the in-depth structure of the Government," stated the Presidency of URA. The Presidency also supports Dritan Abazović to be the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. /Compiled from wires