PM Announces Italy's to Support Albania to Receive Anti-COVID Vaccines

Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Luigi Di Maio paid an official visit to Tirana where he promised on Friday that "Italy is with us to guarantee the vaccine against COVID-19".
The official talks were held with PM Edi Rama, who is also foreign minister, and in a joint press conference he said he had thanked Minister Di Maio for the willingness to be completely open and ready in order to provide the anti COVID vaccine for which all the world is set in motion.
"Italy, thanks to this very special connection it has with Albania, but also thanks to Prime Minister Conte and Foreign Minister, Di Maio is close to us, as is the EU to the Western Balkans, so that the countries of our region are not left behind, first to guarantee the vaccine for the medical staff, and in turn as soon as possible for the teachers, the police forces and all the people in the future," said Albanian PM.
Rama informed that with Minister Di Maio he signed the agreement on the e
stablishment of the Albania-Italy Joint Standing Committee.
"10 years ago, the declaration of the Albania-Italy Strategic Partnership was signed, which was an important milestone. We will promote the dialogue in function of special topics and the topic that we will immediately engage in is the topic of partnership regarding the investment plan for the Balkans, which has 3 main pillars: transport, infrastructure, energy and digitalization," Rama said.

Italian FM was received in separate meetings by President Ilir Meta and DP chairman Lulzim Basha during his stay in Tirana./