PM Blames Opposition for Spreading Panic on Situation at Covid Hospitals among Citizens

Prime Minister Edi Rama addressed a message to citizens after the accusations of the opposition of mismanagement of the pandemic in Albania on Wednesday.
Rama said that the opposition aims at spreading anxiety and panic among citizens about the collapsing hospitals because they really hope that something like this will happen.
In the meantime he gave assurances that hospitals are not collapsing as the figures compared to Europe prove this truth.
According to Rama, there will be another difficult month but he promised that the Albanians will succeed and will be even stronger in the end.
"There was lot of rage today among the disorganized squad of opposition without vision, without program, and without ideas after the appearance of images and evidence from inside Covid 1 and 3 hospitals," stressed Rama in his message released by social networks on Wednesday.
"But as you have seen and as you will see in other EXCLUSIVE parts with views and evidence, Covid hospitals are not collapsing at all, and free beds are not lacking, patients are treated with dignity, respect, and professionalism," PM said. /