PM Rama and DP's Head Basha Trade Barbs on Controversial 'Yellow House' in Albania

After the public question of the chairman of the oppositon Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha why the government did not open COVID 4 hospital, Prime Minister Edi Rama suggested him not to hide behind COVID through a post on Twitter on Sunday.
"Instead of doing his job, Edi Rama plays the role of Belgrade's spokesman. He is responsible for the lives lost and the health of Albanians. The sick are lying in ambulances because the hospitals are full. After destroying the economy, he has lost control of the pandemic," Basha, a former FM during DP's governance, said on Twitter on Sunday.
But PM Rama retorted asking Basha not to hide behind COVID-19.
"Lulezim! Do not hide behind COVID and give up the accusations on those who are fighting daily in the front line against the virus. You should respond to the fact that you were with the Peruvian doctor framing the file for the Yellow House! Tell me what you think about the vote of PD-LSI pro Dick Marty report!" Rama said.
Earlier, the PM asked President Ilir Meta on his position on this file and why he voted for it. "Ilir, can you tell the Albanians why did you vote for the report of Dick Marty together with Sali (Berisha) when we (SP) voted against it? But Lulëzim can you explain what file you have prepared for fabricating the Yellow House together with the Peruvian doctor who testifies that you have gathered the evidence together with him?” wrote Rama on Twitter. /