PM Rama Lambasts Dutch Stance on Blocking Start of Albania's Accession Talks with EU

"It is unacceptable that the Netherlands is more attentive to standards than other countries that do not have the same attitude towards Albania for EU integration as this country," said PM Edi Rama in a press conference on Tuesday.
Regarding the separation of the accession talks process between Albania and North Macedonia, he said he could not comment publicly, however, Rama confirmed that the Dutch stance was a complicated issue. "But what else it can be than its internal affairs. I can not accept that the Netherlands is more attentive to standards than Sweden, Finland, France."
Further on Rama said it 's very clear that the Dutch situation's position is very clearly influenced by the domestic situation. It
has traditionally always had the most skeptical positions in relation to other countries in the integration process.
"We have to wait until the end not falling prey to this news that is too partial and premature to draw conclusions," he said.
Speaking of the pandemic situation PM said he will avoid at all costs the total or even partial closure of the country and advised that masks should be worn. "We have to wear the mask, avoid places where there are people because it happens there, in clubs, or where there is dancing and music is loud."
Rama called a scandal the failure of President Ilir Meta and SMI chairwoman Monika Kryemadhi to wear masks. In the meantime he said that he is speechless when Meta says 'people'.
"It's just to be speechless. A president preaching disaster, an opposition leader who has pinned his hopes on spreading the infection as much as possible and expects Covid to do what he cannot do, to destroy the government and the nerves of people. Another (Monika Kryemadhi), who is between the president and the opposition leader, as an ally, says go to churches and mosques, I do not wear a mask, the SMI is not affected by the virus because it is afraid of it. Come with the SMI so you do not have to wait for the vaccine. There are things that belong to a level that is doomsday," Rama said. /