PM Rama's "Offer": Any Albanian Voting for DP Gets as Gift President Meta and SMI Chairwoman

Prime Minister Edi Rama has harshly attacked the opposition in his speech in the Parliament where the 2021 budget was being discussed in plenary session, bringing back to attention the crisis of pyramid schemes of 1997 and 2013.
"Whoever today wants to return to the top of the affairs of the country is absolutely inseparable from the past a little farther and closer from the past when the Albanians were in the abyss of the adventure to give 1 and get 2 and then in 2013 when Albania found itself with the same people and with another debt and liquidity pit," he said on Thursday.
According to Rama, now they are the same people with the same formula give 1 get 3. "They invite to vote Luli (Basha) and get as gift (President) Ilir Meta together with Monika (Kryemadhi) while Sali (Berisha) is in Luli's belly as lion that leads the rabbit in war," was the consecutive mockery of DP Head, President, SMI chairwoman and Berisha by Rama.
The Prime Minister then touched upon the earthquake and pandemic as successive blows that hit not only the country, but also the state coffers. But he added that the government had the vision to turn this crisis into an opportunity.
Responding to allegations that the government received money from donors for the earthquake, the prime minister said that they have not yet started building as donors manage the money themselves.
"There are 30 thousand families affected by that disaster, from those who lost their homes to those who can not yet live in apartments because they are damaged. For all those families this place has had God," said Rama. /