PM Rama's Pledge to Albanians: Any Covid-19 Vaccine Can Be Got Despite Price!

As a feverish campaign is underway worldwide for securing access to Covid-19 vaccines, Albanian PM Edi Rama has calmed down citizens that the country could get all kinds of vaccines that come on the market, as all countries in the world are doing. Regarding the price, Rama said that this is not a problem.
Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel
has raised concerns about the world poorest securing access to Covid-19 vaccines. Merkel was speaking at a G20 summit which saw leaders promise a fair distribution of jabs a few days ago.
"We are not at the stage where we choose cheap or expensive vaccines. We are at the stage of having the vaccine available starting with the vaccination of medical staff, teachers, police officers and then other categories of the population.
An extraordinary effort is being made by all countries and the quantity that will be produced will not be all that is needed from day one. We need to not be left behind and secondly make available the vaccine to these categories in need of it as soon as possible," he said.
However Rama admitted that Albania is not in the advantage of big countries, therefore it is being tried not to be left out of this process and not to be forced to wait in the end. Be it cheap or expensive is another topic, we have not left anything missing for the people regarding things that relate to the most important element of life."
Further on he revealed that Albania can take all types of vaccines qbecause no country is focusing on just one vaccine. "We have a group of people who are dealing with the vaccine and I hope we do not lag behind, the price is the last thing," Rama said.
This statement comes after the revelations tha COVAX, with which an agreement has been signed by Albania, is a WHO project that turns out not to yet have the necessary money to produce the vaccine. /