PM Whips DP Head for Accusations of Hiding Number of COVID Fatalities

Prime Minister Edi Rama publicly responded on Saturday to the leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha for the accusations of the last days that the government has hidden the number of Covid victims.
While denying everything, Rama considered this statement inhuman and strongly condemned the publication in some media of photos of Covid victims from the morgue.
Rama called them montages and accused the opposition of having exceeded all limits of democracy.
"I have an extraordinary responsibility to be at the helm of the country at the time of an extraordinary test, which is universal for 9 months and is challenging all countries, and science, medicine, politics, governance, media of course. It is a test of the character of nations," he said adding that no one can be blamed if the country is hit by an earthquake or pandemic but the way of reacting. "The virus strikes little by little, the consequences test us every day," he said.
Further on Rama noted that it is inhumane to do politics every day with fake news on the dead.

"Today, when capacities (in hospitals) are reaching the limits, going out and telling the people that the government is hiding the dead is crossing the borders of democracy, it is inhumane," PM said. /