President Blames Govt for Failing to Provide Shelter for Families Hit by 26 November Tremor

"Today is the anniversary of the strong and severe earthquake that took 51 lives of our citizens and that destroyed the homes of many citizens. I want to express my deepest solidarity," said President Ilir Meta on Thursday, expressing condolences to the families of the victims lost in the tragic earthquake of November 26 a year ago.
"A year later, it is unacceptable that safe shelter has not yet been guaranteed for many families hit hardest by the earthquake," he said in a press statement. According to him, the difficult conditions in which many of them live expose them even more to the pandemic. Meta's appeal to government authorities was: "Increase all efforts to be as close to them as possible, with as little propaganda as possible and as much work and transparency as possible."
Meanwhile justice must show who was responsible for the scandalous qualities of many buildings and properties of citizens, President said.
In conclusion Meta thanked all friendly countries for their generous assistance to the Albanian people. /