President Meta Warns of Overthrow of Oligarchic System in Albania

Albanian people are the only ones who stand above the Constitution and the people of March 2 have multiplied, President Ilir Meta has said in a retort to the law adopted by majority which has limited his presidential powers.
Asked by journalists in a press conference on Friday on what legal action he would take now that the new law on the President
does not constitutionally allow him to dissolve Parliament, Meta said that he has the people of March 2, who, according to him, are even larger in number.
"Only the people are above the Constitution. There are the people of March 2 who have only multiplied. So it is time to deal with the pandemic, with the health of the people," he said.
Meta had the following warning to whom he called oligarchs. "I also invite these oligarchs not to spend money in vain because they will be disappointed on April 25. A nationwide referendum will come to overthrow this oligarchic system that wants to return Albanians to defenselessness. There will be a reestablishment of the constitutional order."
President Meta said that the Constitution is above all and only the people are above it./