President Recalled His Alert EU Accession Talks with Albania Wouldn't Be Opened in 2020

President Ilir Meta has commented on the statement of German Chancellor Angela Merkel who did not promise on Monday that Albania would be able to open the EU accession negotiations with Albania within this year.
Meta described what German Chancellor said as a 'softened' diplomatic language in a talk show on a local TV on Monday. However he did not bet whether the talks will open or not this year but recalled that he had warned that the negotiations would not be opened because the conditions had not been met.
"I have said that there is no opening of negotiations and I have clearly shown what needed to be done. The statement of the (German) Chancellor today is a softened diplomatic language, but I think that the positions have been clear even from the representative of the Bundestag for the Balkans, Mr. Vadeful. The conditions were there, we did not want to meet them," he said.
Further on Meta said that as president he did everything to reduce the conditions set for Albania.
"At the height of the crisis last May, two institutions made their efforts: the Bundestag, which offered its readiness for mediation and made it clear that with a one-party election Albania's position would be even worse, and the president who took the initiative and organized a round- table," said Meta. /