Rama Says He's Not Accusing Basha But His Long Silence

Prime Minister Edi Rama has said he is not the one who accuses the DP head, Lulzim Basha of the issue of the investigations against the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), but it is his silence, avoidance of confrontation, curses instead of explanations, that have turned him into an accused person.
Rama said that he has a role as Prime Minister and a citizen to ask Basha to explain to the public who he is in the middle of the latest discussion on KLA and why the witnesses hold him accountable.
"Avoiding confronting the claims of other parties, curses instead of explanations and his non-explanations which are typical of someone hiding something in the face of facts and evidence from the organization and completely credible individuals, have turned Lulzim into an accused. The more he skips the confrontation with the accusations of some witnesses in Kosovo, whom I neither know nor have ever met, the more suspicious he seems in the eyes of the public," Rama said.
But in the meantime, according to him, the PM had only one role which is to ask Basha to explain to the public who he is in the middle of this situation and why the witnesses ask him for an account and do not seek that from someone else.
Rama recalled that the Democratic Party led by Basha voted in favor of the resolution of the Council of Europe on the infamous report of Dick Marty when it was in power
while the Socialist Party voted against it.

In conclusion SP head said Basha must answer, because he is not an ordinary person and the question in discussion is not about private life or work, but about an issue of public and national interest.argumentum.al