Record of COVID-19 Deaths in Albania, Tirana Mostly Hit

A new record of coronavirus victims was recorded with 19 deaths in Albania in the last 24 hours.
According to official data on Tuesday, the total number of deaths so far is at the level of 735 people. In recent days, a wide debate has been opened on this issue, driven by the figures published last week by the opposition leader Lulzim Basha, according to whom, at COVID hospitals by the end of October at least 414 people had lost their lives as much as those that had been officially reported. According to authorities, "having COVID infection does not necessarily mean that the death came from COVID disease", stated the day before, in the show "Opinion", Deputy Minister of Health Mira Rakacolli, who also chairs the Technical Committee of Experts.
According to the World Health Organization, "COVID 19 must be recorded in the death certificate for all cases in which the disease (COVID 19) has caused, or is thought to have caused or contributed to the loss of life."
Hospitalizations have also increased and according to official data, until Tuesday afternoon, "in 3 COVID hospitals, 455 patients are being treated, 21 in intensive therapy, 7 patients are intubated".
Newly confirmed cases also remained high, with 744 infected citizens out of which 307 are confirmed in Tirana.
Albania is on the verge of a tidal wave. In an interview on TV Klan, the head of epidemiology at IPH, Eugena Tomini said on Tuesday that the numbers of infected will increase in about a month.
The whole map of Tirana is red, according to her, and currently the country is ready at the peak of the wave, and in the next three to four weeks an increasing trend of COVID cases is expected.
Over 70% of the hearths are family-run, but schools are also being monitored. "77% are family homes, the rest are institutions, but also in classrooms in educational structures in the pre-university system," she said.

Earlier it has been categorically denied that the virus spreads in schools./