Serb President Vucic Not Allowed to Visit Kosovo after His Warmongering Statement

Kosovo’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora said on Saturday that it will not allow a visit of Serbia’s President, Aleksandar Vucic, to Kosovo.
The Ministry told Gazeta Express that Vucic submitted a request on Thursday, November 19, to visit Kosovo along with three Serbian officials. The delegation should have, apart from Vucic, included Serbia’s Interior Minister, Aleksandar Vulin, the director of Serbia's Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Petar Petkovic, and head of the institution, Marko Djuric.
The request for the visit came following the discovery of a mass grave in Serbia which is suspected to contain the remains of Kosovo Albanians who were killed in the conflicts in 1999.
Experts from the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), the Kosovo Institute of Forensic Medicine, and the Serbian Government Commission on Missing Persons discovered human remains in Kizevak, a large quarry site in Serbia on16 November 2020.
EULEX in a statement said that its experts have been carrying out excavations in Kizevak since 2015. After several unsuccessful excavation seasons in Kizevak, a breakthrough happened in 2020 thanks to the use of aerial images.
Vucic's demand for the visit is made after a statement by Serb President who declared the frozen conflicts can erupt.
But Vucic retorted by saying that they in Kosovo have their problems and the reasons why they invent.
"My statement has been clear, I have spoken out to avoid a policy of frozen conflicts and I have said that the conflict in Karabakh has also been frozen and thawed. Frozen conflict would mean that anyone in the future could bring us up to a catastrophe and conflict. And here I have expressed the desire to create peace and compromise solutions. For all this has been clear. I have even been accused of treason in Serbia. They have their reasons. For me it is important to keep the peace because this is and will remain Serbia's policy," said Vucic.
Besides official Pristina Vucic's warmongering statement has been denounced in Albania. So Presidenti Ilir Meta has recently said all must get used to live with Kosovo as independent statej be they in Serbia or Albania.

"All must learn to live with Kosovo as independent state not only in Serbia but even in Albania for those who are not clear about this," said Meta.