SMI's Kryemadhi Says Rama Wants to Ignite Balkan Conflict

Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) chairwoman Monika Kryemadhi has declared Prime Minister Edi Rama is seeking to provoke conflict in the region to attract attention and steal the April 25th elections. According to her, dirty money is being laundered in Albania in several areas.
"Mr. Rama has gone a little further than he should. Or maybe Mr. Rama wants to enter into a Balkan conflict with the so-called 'sea agreement' while Kosovo with Serbia on the other side to steal the April 25 elections and to create a regional, political, strategic disorientation?" she asked during a talk show on a local TV on Monday.
In addition Kryemadhi mentioned the situation of the pandemic due to which the borders are closed but the money laundering goes on through incinerators, through the port of Durres, through tenders, through transport companies.
The SMI head also spoke with concern on what she called 'the continuation of the game of Serbia'.
"Let us not forget that with the coming to power of Edi Rama, also due to the indifference of Ilir Meta, Serbia is not like in 2013," she said. According to her Serbia's position is much stronger in the international arena because of the strategy of Edi Rama who has behind international structures, "those who pretend to die for Albania".
"But what do we have today? We have 600 thousand young men and women away from Albania, who are the most educated people being the brain of Albania.We have hundreds of thousands of closed businesses.We have the destruction of all national wealth, starting from oil through its secret offshores, then continuing with natural resources, with border checkpoints and then with the strategic problems and political positions of Albania in international institutions, which leave much to be desired," concluded the SMI head. /