SP Set for 3rd Mandate as It Sees No Candidate to Rival PM Edi Rama

The Socialist Party (SP) is set to win a third mandate in the parliamentary elections to be held next spring, has said the political leader of the ruling SP for the region of Elbasan,Taulant Balla in a meeting with the rank-and-file party structures on Sunday.
"The vote for the SP is not a vote for a third term, but a vote to separate good from evil," said Balla, who is head of Socialist parliamentary group.
"I have no doubt that we will not only get 8 parliamentary mandates in Elbasan, but we must set ourselves the goal of fighting for the 9th mandate," said the number 2 of SP encouraging Albanians to support the Socialist Party and Edi Rama by casting their votes for them.
In a comment on President Ilir Meta he said
it is shameful what is happening to him behaving as a company manager going to seek votes. The SMI has no reason to ask the citizens of Elbasan to vote in its favor, he said.
"The vote for the Socialist Party is a vote to finally separate the good from the bad. The evil of this country in these 30 years has turned into 4 names: Ilir Meta, Sali Berisha, Monika Kryemadhi and Lulzim Basha," Balla said, adding that all Albanians in majority cannot find another candidate who could rival Edi Rama now. "Putting Edi Rama in balance with Lul Basha or Ilir Meta, there is no scales that can measure them."
In conclusion SP's number two said the April 25 elections are important to determine what Albania will be like in the next 10 years. /argumentum.al