Topalli's Party "Movement for Change" Registered to Run in Upcoming General Elections in Albania

The party "Movement for Change" founded  by former Speaker Jozefina Topalli was registered in the court of Tirana on Monday, local media reported.
The Tirana court has accepted the request to register the political party led by Topalli.
The decision was announced on 23.11.2020 in the capital and the relevant decision was signed by Judge Ervin Pollozhani.
Former Parliament Speaker Jozefina Topalli has created a political movement to run in the April 25 elections. Earlier, another party was created by MP Myslym Murrizi. While the former DP deputy Hajdari created a political movement ‘Nisma’.
Such a move has been rebuked by Democratic Party officials some of whom have considered it as effort made by DP led- majority to erode opposition's front.

But Topalli, a well known figure of DP who was sidestepped by current head Lulzin Basha, has rejected accusations declaring her determination to carry out the platform of her political party as an opposition force against the current majority. /