Tragedy Repeated at "Shefqet Ndroqi" Hospital / Patient with COVID-19 Commits Suicide Jumping Out of Room Whindow

A 52-year-old man infected with COVID has thrown himself from the fourth floor of the "Shefqet Ndroqi" hospital in Tirana and passed away.
The tragic event happened early Sunday morning, and as it is revealed Preng Gjonaj had been hospitalized in this hospital for almost a week due to aggravation of his health condition. Details say that the 52-year-old from Tropoja was hospitalized on the fourth floor, the ward where patients in serious condition are hospitalized.
It was the doctors who alerted the police, who immediately arrived at the scene and launched an investigation. As part of these investigations, the police took the victim's medical file. Preliminarily suspicions lead to the supposition that the suicide was committed in aggravated psychological conditions due to illness. It is also reported that the victim did not suffer from mental health problems. Police are currently interrogating doctors and nurses as investigations continue.
A while ago two coronavirus patients ended their lives in this hospital while thrown themselves from a height.
The first case was registered on August 13, when 29-year-old Xhino Koça from Durrës jumped from the third floor of this hospitalu in a serious psychological condition, where he died as a result. Meanwhile, on September 2, Hasan Mira, 65, ended his life by jumping from the fourth floor of this hospital, just two days after he was hospitalized there. /