US Ambassador Pledges to Praise President, Speaker and JAC Head if CC Members Are Appointed by End-Year

The US Ambassador, Yuri Kim has promised that she will extend deserved credit
to President Ilir Meta, Speaker Gramoz Ruci and JAC Chair Vitore Tusha if members of the Constitutional Court are appointed by the end of this year in Albania.
"LSorecaEU & I met JAC Chair Tusha today to reconfirm timeline to appoint qualified candidates to Const’l Court. Tomorrow’s JAC meeting - which, as usual, includes observers from Parliament & Presidency - should move the process forward so Albania will have a functional CC by 12/31," wrote Ambassador Kim on Twitter on Wednesday.

"When this happens, leaders - esp @ilirmetazyrtar, Speaker Ruci & JAC Tusha - will deserve credit for taking urgent actions in accordance w/Venice Comm opinion & in response to demand of the Albanian people for Justice Reform," it was written by Washington's top diplomatic envoy to Albania where a reformation of judiciary is continuing for many years being helped by EU and US.