US Election 2020 Polls: Landslide Win Predicted for Joe Biden

If you still believe in the accuracy of polling, after everything that's happened over the past four years, things only appear to be getting worse for Donald Trump.
A new poll from The New York Times (November 1, 2020) predicted the Republican would lose in four key battleground states: Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona and, by a wide margin, in Wisconsin, said on Monday.
If Joe Biden can hold onto his apparent lead in three of these four states, it would almost certainly be enough to win.
According to the Times, Trump now needs a major upset to secure reelection.
Trump's Democratic rival now leads by a massive 9.4 points, according to the Real Clear Politics national average of all major US polls. That is up from 6.3 points just seven days ago, when the first presidential debate took place.
Some polls, such as the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, show much larger gains for Joe Biden. Some show he is up to 14 points ahead.
However, Trump's supporters, and the President himself, have insisted that what we're seeing is a case of deja vu.
They say nobody gave Trump a chance in the 2016 election, but the polls ultimately turned out to be wrong.
However, Democrats have long worried that Trump will declare victory early, aiming to sow uncertainty and legal battles over ballots and results. Some observers have called the tactic the “red mirage”, which former housing secretary Julián Castro said this week “sounds like a super villain, and it’s just as insidious”.