US Elections 2020: Puzzle Continues- Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

US Election Results 2020: Donald Trump or Joe Biden? Republican or Democrats? Who will become the next President of the United States of America and which party will gain control of the White House – these are the queries raised by millions across the world and India even as the US Presidential Election 2020 is heading towards a tight finish. Reuters said challenger Joe Biden of the Democratic Party is winning 224 electoral votes, incumbent US President Donald Trump of the Republican party is bagging 213 electoral votes. New York Times showed Biden has 227 electoral votes, Trump has 213. CNN showed Biden is winning 224 electoral votes, Trump has 216. Fox News said that Biden is winning 238, Trump is bagging 213 electoral votes. One, who wins 270 electoral votes out of a total 538, will become the next US President.
President Donald Trump while addressing at White House said he is expecting “phenomenal results” as Republicans are “winning everything” and claimed that Democrats “can’t catch” him. However, President Trump alleged that there has been voting fraud and he would approach the US Supreme Court and wanted all voting to stop. Meanwhile, Biden claimed the results of the election may not be known until Wednesday morning or later (US local time) but he is optimistic about the outcome.
Donald Trump has won Florida, a vital swing state with 29 electoral votes, and Ohio with 18 electoral votes, Texas which has 38 electoral votes. Biden is projected to win Arizona, a swing state with 11 electoral votes. President Trump’s wins in swing states of Florida, Ohio, and Texas have made outcomes in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania absolutely crucial even as these states are yet to be counted. Michigan has 14 electoral votes, Pennsylvania has 18, and Wisconsin has 8 seats, as per a Reuters report.
According to experts, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania hold key to the election results. Incumbent President Trump must win North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to retain the power, while Biden can earn the presidency with a win in any one of these states./newswires