Vjosa Osmani Takes Over as Kosovo's Acting President as Thaci Flies to the Hague

Speaker Vjosa Osmani has officially been appointed as acting president of Kosovo, Gazeta Express reported on Thursday.
This was confirmed in a statement issued by the Parliament of Kosovo. The statement reads that she has assumed the duties from the President’s office staff and will adress the nation on Thursday evening.
Osmani will serve as acting president of Kosovo after Hashim Thaci stepped down Thursday to face war crime charges confirmed by the Kosovo Specialist Chambers in the Hague. Osmani will exercise the new duties until Kosovo MPs reach a consensus on electing new president.
In the meantime it is reported that a special plane took off Thursday afternoon from the International Airport of Pristina flying to the Hague, Netherlands, with former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) leaders Hashim Thaci, Kadri Veseli and Rexhep Selimi indicted of war crimes on board.

Hashim Thaci resigned on Thursday from his post as president of Kosovo after the Hague-based war crimes court confirmed an indictment against him. Also, Kadri Veseli, leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), said that he is giving up all his political duties after he got confirmation from the Hague that an indictment against him was confirmed. Rexhep Selimi is chief of parliamentary group of Vetevendosje. The three of them were members of the KLA General headquarters./argumentum.al