Wishing Biden's Victory Albania's PM Lauds Cooperation with US President Trump

Albanian PM Edi Rama has expressed his privilege of having cooperated with US President Donald Trump looking forward to continued cooperation with President-elect Joe Biden whom he wished for his victory in the US presidential elections held on November 3 this year.
"It was a spectacular victory," Rama wrote on Twitter on Sunday in his first reaction on the presidential elections in the US considered as Albania's main strategic ally.
Rama has made history for his harsh critical stance on Trump before his election as President, but has succeeded to overcome that situation becoming very close to his administration and its embassy in Tirana.
"It was a privilege and pleasure to work with President Trump and his administration, and congratulating US President-elect Joe Biden on his spectacular victory, I am pleased to continue working together to strengthen our strategic partnership with the United States," wrote Prime Minister Rama. /argumentum.al