Albania and North Macedonia Sign Accord on Joint Management of Fisheries in Lake Ohrid and Greater Prespa

About two months after the signing of the agreement on the recognition of phytosanitary certificates for the circulation of barrier-free agricultural products, Albania and North Macedonia take another important step towards the Balkan Schengen strategic initiative for the development of the region. The Ministers of Agriculture of the two countries, Bledi Çuçi and Arjanit Hoxha, have signed in Struga the Agreement for the Joint Sustainable Management of Fisheries in Lake Ohrid and Greater Prespa.
After the signing of the accord, as announced by the Ministry of Agriculture on Thursday, Çuçi said that the finalization of this agreement is another proof of the excellent cooperation between the two countries and an expression of the will to use responsibly this common wealth not only of Albania and North Macedonia but all over Europe.
"We will have other agreements in the field of agriculture and joint management. What we signed in Struga is also in the spirit of what the Prime Ministers of the two countries have discussed on the opening of a Balkan mini-industry, which precedes our integration into the European Union," said the Minister of Agriculture of North Macedonia, Arjanit Hoxha. /