Albania Needs Change of System, Youth Can Make It, Says President Meta

"Albania is in such a situation when the only solution that young people see as a family and personal economic emergency is to leave the country without their desire," said President Ilir Meta during his speech in a conference attended by young Balkan journalists held online on Saturday. According to him, Albania needs a big change and only the youth can make this change.
Meta made those comments against the background of a wave of protests of several hundred demonstrators prompted by the assassination of the youth Klodian Rasha by a police officer a few days ago in Tirana.
On Friday evening the protesters continued their protest in different parts of the capital clashing with police which fired tear gas and used excessive violence. Many protesters have been arrested in the third day of revolt as PM Edi Rama called them 'barbarians' on Friday.
In his remarks President Meta went back 30 years ago and recalled the student movement, saying that the youth should overthrow the current system.
Changes are made by young people in the name of their dreams as they react to injustices, and this happens when they take responsibility and are united, he said. "This is a message that is valid at all times. I emphasize today that I think the country needs a big and strong change. This should come from the youth because after 30 years we see that this system that we have built or deformed suppresses the dreams of the youth; it has become an obstacle for the future of the youth in the country."
Speaking of the massive emigration of youth Meta said is not my paranoia, but reality speaks with concrete facts.
"We are not dealing with a normal emigration for a better experience or opportunity but it is depopulation and a term that should be addressed with concrete policies not just rhetoric," the President said./