Albanian Parliament Sets Up Committee to Probe into Dick Marty's Allegations against KLA

Parliament has approved the establishment of a special committee which will investigate into Dick Marty’s allegations that the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) ran an illegal detention centre in Albania’s territory during 1998-1999 war with Serbia.
Some 85 MPs of the Albanian Parliament voted in favour, 12 were against and four abstained in Thursday's plenary session to set up the committee which will be chaired by Ulsi Manja an MP of the ruling Socialist Party (SP).
The Special Parliament Committee will probe Dick Marty’s report, who alleges that during the war in Kosovo in 1998-1999 the KLA ran illegal detention centres in northern Albania. In his report Dick Marty mentioned also the so-called Yellow House located in Mati northern region, alleging that in this house the KLA has harvested organs of Serb victims.
The proposal to establish the committee, an initiative of SP deputies, came only weeks after the Kosovo Specialist Chambers confirmed the first indictments against former senior commanders of the KLA among whom ex President Hashim Thaci. /