Albanian PM Refutes President's Accusations Saying There Are No Talks with Greece

"Albania and Greece have not reached any agreement and therefore will go to court," has said PM Edi Rama.
Rama made that comment in a post on social networks on Monday after the country's president Ilir Meta said that he had no official information regarding the negotiation process between Albania and Greece on the sea issue.
Rama wrote that the only goal of the head of state is to ask for a square to make the SMI mess.
"Ilir Meta understands the sensitivity of the citizens on the decision of the Greek authorities to exercise the International Law of the Sea for Greece and the possible consequences that this decision may have for our country! In fact no, Ilir Meta continues to demand a square for the SMI mess," he said adding that only the wicked people like Sali (Berisha)and Ilir and their followers with Luli (Lulzim Basha) and Monika (Kryemadhi) on the top can ask for a square to head for the sea. "While the truth is as clear as sunlight: Albania and Greece have not reached any agreement and therefore they will go to trial!"
In a comment on Athens' move Rama said its decision in question has nothing to do with the disputed area between Albania and Greece because the principle of 12 miles is simply physically impossible in that area of ​​the two countries.

"According to the Convention where this principle is not possible to apply, either an agreement is made or it is gone to court!" concluded Rama./