Albanian PM’s Private Life Draws Attention on Local TV on Christmas Eve

Some aspects of private life of early youth and involvement in the anti-communist movement of 1990s were the main parts of an interview of PM Edi Rama on a local TV when Albanians, especially Christians, had in their minds and hearts the Christmas eve which is being celebrated amidst a tragic situation of death and fear for the future. The editorial board of that TV called it a ‘rare’ interview while Christmas atmosphere and pandemic were the focus of worldwide leaders including the Western Balkans.

“First of all, I feel extremely lucky to be Linda's husband and to have Linda by my side now for 10 years, which has really made me very distant the previous time,” the government head told Albanians who more or less are quite familiar with his past and present life.

Appreciating his wife’s role in his life, he confessed that he did not have any friends because, according to him, when you are in politics there are no friends, just political companions or enemies.

Rama mentioned his arch political adversary Sali Berisha of the Democratic Party cursing him for many things, but accepted that he is a charismatic politician. While President Ilir Meta has, according to him, a double personality and his relations with him have been either excellent or very bad. Rama and Meta have been in the same governments many times, but now they are on two hostile fronts.  Asked about his opinion on the current DP head, Lulzim Basha he ignored him saying that he is neither a leader, nor a statesman.

Without giving details he repeated what it was said earlier on the anti-Covid vaccines that a small contingent will come to Albania in the first two months of 2021 but he could not fix a specific date and how many people will be vaccinated.

Touching on relations with Kosovo, the Acting President, Vjosa Osmani was whipped again using the same rhetoric like a day before in the press conference.

It was evident his self-confidence for winning a third mandate in the April 25 general elections next year because, as he hinted, there is none better than him to run the country.

In the meantime, Albanians celebrated the Christmas ceremonies in the conditions of the restrictive measures and the lockdown which started at 20.30 on Thursday. Both Catholic and Orthodox heads of the Catholic and Orthodox communities, Frendo and Yanoullatos, who were infected with Covid earlier being treated in Italy and Greece respectively, had conveyed messages of hope and expectations for better days and bright light in 2021. /