Albanians Called to Protest on Sunday Evening as SP Deputy Blames Opposition for Instigating Violence

The call for protest in Tirana but also in all other cities of Albania at 18.00 o'clock on Sunday after the murder of the youth Klodian Rasha by a police officer has been spread again on social networks.
"Citizen march against police violence is stated in the photos shared on social networks," local media announced on Sunday afternoon.
But the Socialist MP, Klotilda Bushka said on a local TV that the protest against the murder of 25-year-old Klodian Rasha by the police is being used by the opposition to gain political credit.
While describing the murder of the young man by police as unusual, MP Bushka stressed that this case should not be used to attack the police, especially by inciting and using violence.
It is the fifth day that Albania is gripped by violent protests in Tirana and main cities like Shkodra, Durres, Korca, Elbasan etc.
Albanian PM Edi Rama has held responsible President Ilir Meta and veteran Democratic Party leader Sali Berisha for instigating the protests while the current DP leader, Lulzim Basha is treated more or less like a 'means in the game' by him. /