Albania's Vice PM Slams Kosovo 'Vetevendosje' Leader over Youth's Assassination in Tirana

Albania's Deputy Prime Minister Erion Braçe has harshly responded to the former Prime Minister of Kosovo and the leader of Vetevendosje, Albin Kurti who said that the protests in Tirana after the police killed a youngster are a message against corrupt political-economic system. Braçe in a Facebook post on Wednesday accused Kurti of working for the opposition in Albania.
A few days ago, Kurti blamed the Albanian government for the murder of the youth, Klodian Rasha by the police in Tirana and the anger that citizens are showing through continuous protests in all cities of the country.
“Does Albin remember that those who killed Arben and Mon (during a Vetevendosje protest in 2007) and then Astrit in a prison cell have never been investigated, tried or sentenced?“ Braçe wrote on FB as quoted by Gazeta Express on Wednesday. “Does Albin remember that those who executed – as your new friend Sali Berisha says – Ziver, Hekuran, Aleks, Faik were neither investigated, nor tried, or sentenced? They were even rewarded with money, just like the mafia rewards the killers! Does Albin know that over a dozen young men – including Kosovo citizens – were killed at different times, but also during the regime of Sali Berisha by SHIK police in the streets or prison cells. The then governments never did what we did in the case of Klodian Rasha – to investigate, try and punish crime committed by the men in (police) uniform! We are not the same Albin, we are not the same! You insult when you try to demonize us, to humiliate us!” /